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Buster Pickens

Buster Pickens was born on 03/06/1916 in Hempstead, Texas. His full birth name was Edwin Goodwin Pickens.
In the 1930s, Pickens joined Robert Shaw and others on the Santa Fe Circuit, which was named after touring musicians using the Santa Fe freight trains.
In World War II, Pickens served in the US army. After finishing his service, he returned to Houston, Texas.
On 13/01/1948, Pickens made his first recording when he provided piano backing for Perry Cain on his single "All The Way From Texas" backed by "Cry Cry" for Gold Star Records. This would be followed by more recording work over the next eighteen months. He would provide accompaniment to Cain, Bill Hayes and Goree Carter.
In 1950, Pickens played on Alger "Texas" Alexander's final recording session, which was for Freedom Records.
In 1960, Pickens recorded his debut solo album "Buster Pickens".
In the early 1960s, Pickens would perform live regularly with Lightnin' Hopkins and play on several of Hopkin's albums. These albums included "Walkin' This Road By Myself", "Smokes Like Lightning", "Lightnin' and Co.".
In 1962, Pickens appeared in the film "The Blues".
On 24/11/1964, Pickens was shot dead after an argument in a bar in Houston.

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