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Eddie Guitar Burns

Eddie "Guitar" Burns was born on 08/02/1928 in Belzoni, Mississippi. Burns taught himself to play the harmonica and made his own first guitar.
In 1948, Burns moved from the Mississippi delta to Detroit (via Waterloo, Iowa). In Detroit, he met John Lee Hooker. Hooker was on the street when he heard Burns playing harmonica at a house party accompanied by John T. Smith. Hooker was let into the house and he asked Burns if he wanted to do a session with him. Burns recorded his debut single "Notoriety Woman" at the session accompanied by John T. Smith on guitar. He had to create a second song for the session and came up with the song "Papa's Boogie" on the spot.
By 1949, Burns was playing the guitar on recordings by John Lee Hooker.
Burns would perform regularly at Detroit nightclubs. He was billed as various names including Big Daddy, Little Eddie and Big Ed. In the early part of his career, Burns did not record his own music often.
During the 1960s, his style changed from Detroit blues to R&B over time. He released a number of singles for Harvey Fuqua's Harvey Records label.
In 1966, Burns appeared on Hooker's album "The Real Folk Blues". By now, he was billed as Eddie "Guitar" Burns.
In 1972, Burns went on a European tour. Whilst he was in London, he recorded his debut album "Bottle Up & Go".
In 1973, Burns appeared at the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival.
In 1975, Burns went on another European tour as part of the "American Blues Legends" tour organised by Jim Simpson of Big Bear Records.
In 1976, Burns performed his song "Bottle Up & Go" on the UK tv show "So It Goes".
In 1989, Burns released the album "Detroit" on Blue Suit Records.
In 1992, Burns appeared at the New York Winter Blues Festival alongside Jack Owens, Bud Spires, and Lonnie Pitchford.
In 1994, Burns was awarded the Michigan Heritage Award.
In 1998, the Detroit Blues Society awarded Burns the Lifetime Achievement Award.
In 2005, Burns released his last studio album "Second Degree Burns".
In 2008, Burns performed with Little Sonny at the Motor City Blues & Boogie Woogie Festival.
On 12/12/2012: Burns died of heart failure.

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