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Eddie Guitar Slim Jones

Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones was born in Greenwood, Mississippi. His grandmother raised him after his mother died when he was five and he spent his teens in the cotton fields. He started to spend time in the juke joints as a singer or dancer. His nickname at the time was "Limber Leg". He joined the army during World War II.
When he returned from service he went to New Orleans and would play at the various clubs.
In around 1950 he gained the nickname Guitar Slim. His act was unusual and wild. He had an assistant following him around with a long guitar lead and would go out to the audience or even the street. He would also get on top of the assistant's shoulders whilst he played. His guitar sound was distorted, many years before most guitarists would start to use it. He appeared in colourful suits, with his hair dyed to match.
In Los Angeles, he performed with Muddy Waters.
In 1951 he started recording. The next year he released "Feelin' Sad" which was a minor hit.
In 1954 he had his biggest hit "The Things That I Used to Do", which was produced by Ray Charles. It was number 1 on the R&B charts.
In his career, he recorded for the labels Imperial, Bullet, Specialty, and Atco.
He died at the age of 32 of pneumonia in New York.

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