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Felix Pappalardi

Felix Pappalardi was born on 30/12/1939 in Bronx, New York. He was classically trained as a musician. After attending The High School of Music & Art in New York he studied at the University of Michigan.
In 1964, Pappalardi played guitarrĂ³n (Mexican acoustic bass) in Max Morath's Original Rag Quartet. As well as Morath on piano/vocals was Barry Kornfield on guitar and Jim Tyler on lute/banjo/mandolin. The would play at the Village Vanguard Jazz club in New York.
In 1965, the band toured the college and concert circuit. They opened for the Dinah Shore show in Las Vegas.
After finishing his studies at the University of Michigan, he returned to New York. He was unable to find work but became part of the Greenwich Village folk music scene. Pappalardi made a name for himself as an arranger. He would appear on albums by Tom Paxton, Vince Martin and Fred Neil. He moved into music production starting with folk and folk rock artists such as The Youngbloods and Joan Baez.
In 1967, Pappaladri produced the Cream album "Disraeli Gears". He would also produce Cream's remaining albums, "Wheels on Fire" released in 1968 and "Goodbye" released in 1969. Pappalardi would be considered an important part of their recording and he and his wife would write the Cream hit "Strange Brew" with Eric Clapton.
In 1969, Pappalardi became a founding member of Mountain. The band was comprised of Papparlardi, Leslie West, Steve Knight and N. D. Smart. In the same year, Leslie West released his debut solo album "Mountain" which Pappalardi produced. Despite the title, it was not an album by the band Mountain.
In 1970, Mountain released their debut album "Climbing!".
In 1971, Mountain released the album "Nantucket Sleighride" and the album "Flowers of Evil".
In 1974, Mountain released the album "Avalanche" which was the last to feature Pappalardi.
Pappalardi was forced to retire because of partial deafness. It was caused by the loud volumes as the live shows with Mountain. He would continue to produce during the 1970s.
In 1979, Pappalardi released the solo album "Don't Worry Ma" which he recorded with Kazuo Takeda's band Creation.
On 17/04/1983, Pappalardi was shot and killed by his wife Gail in their apartment in Manhatten, New York. Gail was charged with second-degree murder and was found guilty of the lesser criminally negligent homicide after the jury ruled that the shooting was accidental.

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