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Floyd Council

Floyd Council was born on 2 September 1911 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He would learn to play guitar, mandolin and sing. In the 1920s he would perform with his brothers as the Chapel Hillbillies on the streets of Chapel Hill. In the late 1920s and early 1930s he joined Blind Boy Fuller to busk in Chapel Hill.
In the mid 1930s Council recorded with Fuller twice for ARC.
In 1965 an english band called the Tea Set discovered they needed a name change, as there was another band with the same name, on the same bill. The front man combined Council's name with that of another Piedmont Blues artist, Pink Anderson, to form the name Pink Floyd Sound. This was later shortened to Pink Floyd and they became one of the most successful progressive rock bands of all time.
In the late 1960s Council suffered a stroke. It resulted in his throat muscles becoming partially paralyzed and slowed his motor skills, but did not damage his cognitive abilities. Folklorist Peter B. Lowry attempted to record him in 1970, but Council never regained his ability to sing or play.
In 1976 Council died of a heart attack, after moving to Sanford, North Carolina.

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