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Junior Wells

On 09/12/1934: Junior Wells was born in West Memphis, Arkansas. His full birth name was Amos Wells Blakemore Jr. He was first taught harmonica by his cousin Junior Parker and by Sonny Boy Williamson II. By the age of seven, he could play the harmonica skillfully.
In 1948, Wells and his mother moved to Chicago after she divorced. He began to sit in with local musicians and house parties and taverns. Wells joined the blues band the Aces, which had Dave and Louis Myers on guitar and drummer Fred Below. He would play his harmonica amplified, influenced by the style of Little Walter.
In 1952, he replaced Little Walter in Muddy Water's band and played on one of Muddy's sessions for Chess Records.
In 1953, he made his first recordings as a bandleader for States Records.
In the late 1950s and early 1960s, he recorded for Chief Records and its subsidiary Profile Records. Songs for them included "Messin' with the Kid", "Come on in This House", and "It Hurts Me Too".
In 1960, Well's song "Little by Little" went to number 23 on the Billboard R&B chart.
In 1965, he released the album "Hoodoo Man Blues" with Delmark Records. It featured Buddy Guy on guitar.
In the 1970s, Wells and Buddy Guy would work with the Rolling Stones on several occasions.
In 1971, Wells released the album "South Side Blues Jam".
In 1975, he released the album "On Tap".
In 1996, he released the album "Come on in This House", which featured the slide guitarists Alvin Youngblood Hart and Derek Trucks, among others.
In 1997, Wells had severe health problems including cancer and a heart attack.
On 15/01/1998, Wells died in Chicago.
In 1998, the film "Blues Brothers 2000" was released which featured Wells as a musical guest.

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