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Little Hat Jones

Little Hat Jones was born on 05/10/1899 in Bowie County, Texas. His birth name was George Jones. In the 1920s, Jones was a street busker in San Antonio. At the age of 13, Jones left school to help on the family farm after his father suffered from illness and the crops were destroyed. Jones would get his nickname Little Hat after he worked on a construction job in Garland. There he had to wear a hat that had some of the brims torn.
On 15/06/1929, Jones recorded two singles "New Two Sixteen Blues" and "Two String Blues" for Okeh Records. On the same day, he played the guitar on nine tracks for Alger "Texas" Alexander in the Okeh studio. Six days later, Jones recorded four more songs.
Also in 1929, Jones would record for "Hurry Blues" and "Rollin From Side to Side".
On 14/06/1930, Jones recorded six more songs.
Jones would have two tracks on the album "Yazoo L-1010".
Jones would perform at various parties, fish fries and juke joints. He would play alongside artists such as Thomas Shaw, Alger "Texas" Alexander, and J. T. Smith. His style was to start off songs quickly then slow down when he started singing.
Jones moved to Naples, Texas and would not record again. He would work in various professions.
On 07/03/1981, Jones passed away.
In 2001, Jones's song "Bye Bye Baby Blues" was featured in the film "Ghost World".

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