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On This Day 10/04/1970

On This Day 10/04/1970: Paul McCartney releases publicity that indicates he has quit the Beatles. It is viewed as the date when the Beatles announced they had split, though it would be 1975 till the partnership was formally dissolved. The publicity came in the form of a question and answer release for his first solo album. It included the following:
Question: "Is this album a rest away from the Beatles or the start of a solo career?"
McCartney: "Time will tell. Being a solo album means it's 'the start of a solo career... and not being done with the Beatles means it's just a rest. So it's both."
Question: "Is your break with the Beatles temporary or permanent, due to personal differences or musical ones?"
McCartney: "Personal differences, business differences, musical differences, but most of all because I have a better time with my family. Temporary or permanent? I don't really know."
Question: "Do you foresee a time when Lennon-McCartney becomes an active songwriting partnership again?"
McCartney: "No."

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