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Paul Kossoff

On 14/09/1950: Paul Kossoff was born. He was born in Hampstead, London. His father was the actor David Kossoff. In the mid-sixties, Paul started to learn guitar from session guitarist Colin Falconer. When he was 15 he formed the band Black Cat Bones, which included the drummer Simon Kirke. They would play alongside Champion Jack Dupree and supported Fleetwood Mac, along with gigs with Fleetwood's guitarist Peter Green.
In 1968 Kossoff and Kirke appeared on Champion Jack Dupree's album "When You Feel the Feeling You Was Feeling". In April that year Kossoff and Kirke joined Paul Rodgers and Andy Fraser to form Free. They released their debut album "Tons of Sobs" in the same year.
In 1969 they released the album "Free". Kossoff would also do session work for Martha Vel├ęz's album "Fiends and Angels" in the same year.
In 1970 they released their third album "Fire and Water". This was their breakthrough album and included their biggest single success, the song "Alright Now". Free played at the Isle of Wight Festival and went touring in the UK, Europe and Japan. The band would however split after the release of their album "Highway" that year.
In 1971 Kossoff and Kirke joined keyboard player John "Rabbit" Bundrick and bass player Tetsu Yamauchi to release the album "Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu and Rabbit". Kossoff would do recording work for Michael Gately's "Gately's Cafe" and Mike Vernon's album "Bring It Back Home" within the same year.
In 1972, Free had reformed and they released the album "Free at Last". After the album was released Andy Fraser decided to leave the band. Tesu and Rabbit joined the band. Kossoff would record for Jim Capaldi's album "Oh How We Danced" and Uncle Dog's "Old Hat" album in the same year.
In 1973 Free released the album "Heartbreaker" with the new lineup. After the album was released the band disbanded again. Kossoff then released his own solo album "Back Street Crawler" in the same year.
In 1974 he recorded for Blondel's "Mulgrave Street".
In 1975 he joined John Martyn on tour. He then assembled a band called Back Street Crawler after the name of his album. The band released the album "The Band Plays On" that year.
In 1976 Back Street Crawler released the album "2nd Street". On 19 March 1976 Kossoff died after heart problems caused by taking heroin.
Paul's father David Kossoff established the Paul Kossoff Foundation in his honour to educate about drug addiction.

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