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Robin Trower

On 09/03/1945: Robin Trower was born in Catford, London, England. His full birth name was Robin Leonard Trower. He grew up in Southend On Sea, Essex.
In 1962, Trower formed a group that would be called The Paramounts. It would later include Westcliff High School pupil Gary Brooker.
In 1966, The Paramounts disbanded to pursue different projects. Trower would form a three piece group called the Jam (not linked to the later group of the same name with Paul Weller).
Trower would then join Brooker's new band Procul Harum.
In 1967, Procul Harum had great success with their debut single "A White Shade of Pale". Trower would play on Procul Harum's first five albums.
In 1971, Trower left Procol Harum. He would join singer Frankie Millie, bassist/singer James Dewar and drummer Clive Bunker in a group called Jude. Though the band did not record and soon split up.
In 1973, Trower formed his own band with Dewar on bass as well as lead vocals and drummer Reg Isidore called the Robin Trower Band. In the same year, they released their debut album "Twice Removed from Yesterday". It was produced by former Procul Harum bandmate Matthew Fisher.
In 1974, Trower released what is arguably his most popular album "Bridge of Sighs" again produced by Fisher.
In the early 1980s, Trower joined bassist Jack Bruce and his previous drummers Lordan and Isidore for two albums, "BLT" (with Bruce, Lordan, Trower) and "Truce" (Trower, Bruce, Isidore).
In 1983, Trower released the album "Back It Up". It would be the last to feature Dewar on vocals and Trower was soon dropped from Chrysalis Records.
In 1991, Trower was a part of the "Night of the Guitars II" European tour organised by Sting and The Police manager Miles Copeland. The tour featured Ronnie Montrose, Ian Crichton, Dave Sharman, Jan Akkerman and Laurie Wisefield.
In 2003, Trower released the album "Living Out of Time" which featured Dave Bronze on bass, vocalist, Davey Pattison and Pete Thompson on drums. It was the same lineup as the mid 190s albums "Passion" and "Take What You Need". The same lineup played at a concert for Trower's 60th birthday in Bonn, Germany. The concert was recorded by German TV channel WDR and later released on DVD.
In 2006, Trower toured the US and Canada.
In 2007, Trower released a third recording with Jack Bruce called "Seven Moons". It featured Gary Husband on drums.
In 2008, Trower went on a world tour beginning in F. Pierce, Florida. The show at the Royal Oak Music Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan was released as a double album on V12 Records.
In 2016, Trower toured the US.
Trower is an influential guitarist and has even given guitar lessons to the likes of guitarist Robert Fripp.

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