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Warren Haynes

Warren Haynes was born on 06/04/1960 in Asheville, North Carolina. At the age of 12, he began playing the guitar. His early musical influences were Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Johnny Winter.
In 1980, Haynes joined David Allan Coe's touring and recording band. He would remain with them for four years.
Shortly after, Haynes joined The Nighthawks. He would also play with local musicians and do session guitar and vocals.
Around 1987, Haynes performed backup vocals on a studio album by Dickey Betts, along with Dennis Robbins. Betts had been concentrating on his solo career since the breakup of The Allman Brothers band. Dickey Betts added Haynes to his new band the Dickey Betts Band. Matt Abts and Johnny Neel would also join the group.
In 1988, the Dickey Betts Band released the album Pattern Disruptive". In the same year, Haynes co-wrote the title track for Gregg Allman's solo album "Just Before the Bullets Fly". Also in 1988, Haynes started his annual Christmas charity benefit show in Asheville. At the first jam were Haynes, Mike Barnes, Matt Sluder, The Crystal Zoo, The Stripp Band, Ronnie Burgin and the McBad Brothers Band. Initially, the annual event gave proceeds to different charities but eventually, the event would focus on the charity Habitat for Humanity. The charity builds homes for the disadvantaged.
In 1989, The Allman Brothers Band reunited. Betts recruited Haynes to join the band. Neel would also join on keyboards as well as Allen Woody on bass.
In 1990, Garth Brooks released the song "Two of a King, Workin' on a Full House" on the album "No Fences" which was co-written by Haynes, Dennis Robbins and Bobby Boyd. The song would remain number 1 for 20 weeks on Billboard's Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.
In 1993, Haynes released his first solo album "Tales of Ordinary Madness".
In 1994, The Allman Brothers Band with Haynes released the album "Where It All Begins". In the same year, they played Woodstock '94. In the same year, Haynes formed the band Gov't Mule with Abts and Woody.
In 1995, Gov't Mule released their debut album "Gov't Mule".
In 1996, Gov't Mule released their second album "Live from Roseland Ballroom".
In 1997, Haynes and Woody left The Allman Brothers Band to focus on Gov't Mule. In the same year, Haynes and Abts jam onstage with Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman in a small club. The performance was filmed for Robert Mugge's film on Robert Johnson called "Hellhound on My Trail".
In 1998, Gov't Mule released the album "Dose".
In 1999, Gov't Mule released the album "Live... With a Little Help from Our Friends". Also in 1999, Haynes joined Phil Lesh in his solo group Phil Lesh & Friends. He would play with them for 3 years.
In 2000, Gov't Mule released the album Life Before Insanity. In the same year, Haynes rejoined The Allman Brothers Band. It was shortly after Allen Woody's death in August. Haynes would play in the band alongside guitarist Derek Trucks.
In 2002, Haynes was given the key to Asheville city.
In 2003, Gov't Mule recruited Andy Hess on bass and Danny Louis on keyboard/organ. In the same year, they released the album "Deja Voodoo". Also in 2003, Haynes released the solo acoustic album "The Lone EP". Haynes would also be awarded a day in his honour on December 18th in Asheville known as "Warren Haynes Day".
In 2004, The Dead (the remaining members of the Grateful Dead) called in Haynes to play lead and sing on their "Wave That Flag Tour". On Hayne's last night on tour, he played a set with The Dead, played a solo acoustic set and then ended the night playing with The Allman Brothers Band. Also in 2004, Haynes released the solo acoustic album "Live From Bonnaroo".
In 2005, Haynes performed a one-off show called "Warren Haynes & Friends". The band included Abts, Dave Schools and John Madeski. The band also appeared on the show "Last Call with Carson Daly" in February.
In 2006, Gov't Mule released the album "High & Mighty".
In 2008, Andy Hess left Gov't Mule and was replaced by Jorgen Carlsson. In the same year, Haynes played again for The Dead when they performed at a benefit at Penn State for then-presidential candidate Barack Obama.
In 2009, Gov't Mule released the album "By a Thread". Also in 2009, Haynes toured with The Dead. Shortly after the album, Haynes formed The Warren Haynes Band with George Porter Jr on Bass, Ivan Neville on keys, Raymond Weber on drums, Ian McLagan on keys, Ruthie Foster on vocals and Ron Holloway on tenor sax.
In 2010, Gov't Mule released the album "Mulennium". Also in 2010, The Warren Haynes Band made their debut performance at Hayne's annual Christmas jam in Asheville.
In 2011, The Warren Haynes Band released the album "Man in Motion".
Haynes has also made several song and concert appearances with the Dave Matthews Band.

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